Bonsai Workshops in Victoria B.C.


Whether you’re new to the hobby or have an established collection already, Bonsai expert, Mark Paterson will help guide you in the art of shaping, wiring, pruning, repotting, and more. 

Workshop: Prerequisite

Learn a bit about bonsai, some of the challenges to learning bonsai, and some plant health.  This is a 45 minute class held 1 hour before each class.  It gives greater context to the topics presented, as each class is quite narrow in scope.  You only need to attend once.  Comes with a bonsai 101 booklette.

Workshop: Repotting

March 12 2023  12:00pm – 3:00 pm

In this class you learn about the most important part of the bonsai, the roots. Choosing or creating a tree with great roots, and treating them correctly, is the surest way to a healthy great bonsai. No experience or tree needed for this class, but expect to get a little dirty.



  • What is bonsai
  • Learn how to learn bonsai
  • Learn bonsai health
  • Topic specific
  • Some hands on, some theory/demonstration
  • Repotting, trimming, aesthetics, health
  • Topic specific
  • Your tree or mine
  • Repotting by type, ramification control, emergency repotting, wiring and styling

Workshop FAQ’s

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

  • Bring as much of the following as possible, and/or any bonsai equipment you have
  • Scissors, heavy-duty
  • Scissors, long
  • Wire clippers, with the cutting tip at the very end of the tool
  • Long-nosed pliers
  • Disposable chopsticks/wooden skewers, 2pc
  • Apron

Am I going to get dirty?


What time should I show up?

Up to fifteen minutes beforehand, to chat and get organized.

Bonsai Care

Urban Oasis offers Bonsai, and Japanese landscape tree care 

  • $75 per hour. Minimum charge $40
  • Your location bonsai services
  • Or drop off tree at my place
  • Styling/trimming
  • Repotting
  • Extra costs for wire, soil, etc..
  • Introductions or estimates are free